1. Control

 1. Furnish your diner. (you can buy equipment, pets, tables, decorations, ect.. that you want or need for your diner)

2. Shop for food and drink. (here you can view the menu's for the appliance's, and can select to cook any that is unlocked. Note; the consumables unlock at different levels in the game)

3. Expand your diner. (you can buy with cash or coins expansions to increase your diner size)

4. Employ your friends. ~ Busboys clean tables and appliances that you have clicked on saving you time to cook. ~ Waitresses serve food and Milkshakes from the Milkshake machine to the customers that come into your diner)

5. Edit diner sign (this allows you to change your diner name)

6. Create milkshake (milkshake menu, so you can easily access the milkshake machine, you can create milkshakes by asking your friends for ingredients or buying them with diner life cash).

7. Drive through (this is the drive through menu, you can do orders, add friends to help, see who you are helping.)

8. Build your collections (you can build your collections here, Sci-Fi Range Appliances, Hot-Rod Appliances, Classy Range Appliances. American Fryer, Pinball Flashy Jukebox, Cauldron, Red Pool Table, Robot, Dragon Gong, Sir Hugsalot, Luxury Christmas Tree, Elves Workstation, Reindeer & Collectable). 

9. View your achievements (you can see what goals you have achieved) 

10. Edit your avatar (this allows you to change the look, buy clothes, change skin tone, change gender, Even put on a hat or a nice pair of glasses).  

11. Full screen ( changing to full screen mode, also note this could slow your game but its great to take screen shots of your diner) 

12. Send gifts to your friends (you can send food gifts to your friends, when they accept a gift you have sent them they send back coins to you) 

13. Use your gifts (this is your gift box, food items that friends send will appear here, you can also store food here)